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How Are Gyuvecheta Made?

With we offer you the opporinity to bring traditional Bulgarian cuisine in your own home. Cooking with the gyuvecheta - the traditional Bulgarian ceramic pots - you can treat your friends and family to experience this Southeast European taste and culture or you can experiment in making your own dishes, using whatever you have in your fridge.

100% Handmade

The dishes we offer are 100% handmade and created in a family business involving the work of 3 generations. The entire process of creating the pots (which takes several days) is executed manually. They are created with the outmost attention to quality and style according to an old process.

The Process

First the gyuvecheta are created out of standard clay.


Then they are left to dry for several days.

After they have dried, they get the base layer of paint and later the decoration. Below you see several pictures of how the paint is applied on the pots:


When they are fully painted, the gyuvecheta are baked in an oven at 800 degrees. This hardens the pots and prepares them for the next stage - the glazing. The pots are then baked a second time at 1300 degrees. Baking the pots after they have been glazed produces the glass-like look that they have when they are ready for use.


Health Guarantee

All pots we provide are gurarnteed safe. No toxic materials that can possibly cause any damage to your health have been used.

Enjoy your purchase, enjoy the Bulgarian cuisine! For recipes and more information please check our blog.
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